Sure, you can find an outdated list about FODMAPs online and waste hours of your time researching the diet and getting overwhelmed by conflicting information. But I’ve see this time and again. People attempt this diet on their own, they find wrong or outdated information online, they attribute their symptoms to the wrong food so they limit their diets more than necessary, they don’t feel better, they get frustrated and overwhelmed and give up after a week.  Often this is because they’re not following the diet correctly and/or they have other digestive triggers besides food that also need to be addressed.

I know exactly how you feel because I was there myself a few years ago. (Yes I am a dietitian, but I never learned about FODMAPS in college. I had to do my own research on the diet and get training from other professionals.) Before finding the low FODMAP diet, there were so many times when I cried in grocery stores, I turned down social invitations, I felt afraid and confused about what to eat (especially shame-inducing as a dietitian). I cried because I felt left out and it felt like life wasn’t fair and it all just sucked. It seemed like I’d tried every solution out there; probiotics, digestive enzymes, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, high fiber, low fiber. I was so confused and frustrated.  And in a last ditch, desperate attempt to improve the digestive symptoms that had plagued me for decades, I decided to try this weirdly named and seemingly complicated and restrictive diet.

Meeting my 1 year post-open heart surgery
hiking goal!

Everything changed after 3 days on the low FODMAP diet—I felt so much better than I had in years, the way I thought “normal” people must feel. Gone was the painful, excessive gas, the bloating was decreasing and I discovered that I still had a stomach hidden under all that air. The frequency, urgency and diarrhea that I’d experienced for so many years was significantly improved. I wanted to run outside and shout from the rooftops to tell the millions of people in world who were suffering from IBS that there was another way, that they didn't have to suffer anymore! I started to specialize in this diet in my private practice because I feel so rewarded and blessed watching it transform the lives of my clients. I even started the first low FODMAP food business in the US because I wanted to make this diet as easy to follow as possible. It is true that the low FODMAP diet is complicated, ever-changing, and overwhelming to understand. That is why I am here, to make this as easy as possible, to teach you how to implement it, to give you all of the best resources I have so you can follow it as painlessly as possible.

Haven't you spent enough time and money on countless doctors, specialists, tests, supplements, and medications? Why not give yourself the gift of better digestive health—your life is waiting!

Here are some of the results you may achieve by working with me:


  • Understand your triggers so you can take charge of your digestive health and decrease or eliminate symptoms.

  • Leave behind that sense of isolation by being able to participate in social events again.

  • Eliminate confusion and stress when ordering from a restaurant, and feel empowered to make great food choices.

  • Improved self confidence and body image because you can actually button your pants at the end of the day!

  • In many cases reduce or eliminate your IBS medications.

  • Move towards a healthier weight.

  • Safely reintroduce foods so that you can enjoy a variety in your diet (and eat more than the same 3 foods again and again).

  • Enjoy an active social life again without fear of unpredictable urgency or diarrhea disrupting your life.

  • And most importantly, live the vibrant, health, full life you are meant to live!

You deserve nothing less.

The New-to-FODMAPs Group Program!

Starts live, online, January 8, 2018!
Enrollment ends Jan 1, 2018!

Benefits of the Program:

  • Support and education from a Registered Dietitian, professionally trained in the low FODMAP diet, who lives the diet every day

  • Group support from people going through exactly the same thing as you!

  • Learn your triggers so you can take charge of your digestive health

  • Drastically decrease or eliminate embarrassing and painful symptoms

  • Improve your self confidence and body image (because you can actually button your pants at the end of the day!)

  • Learn to safely reintroduce foods back into your diet so you can enjoy more variety and eat more than the same 3 foods again and again!.

  • Enjoy a robust social life again without fear of pain, unpredictable urgency or diarrhea disrupting your life.

  • And most importantly, live the vibrant, healthy, full life you are meant to live!

One-On-One Nutrition Coaching

I am based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but I offer group programs as well as one-on-one nutrition coaching to my clients remotely, using phone and/or secure video. Please note that at this time I do not accept insurance, and I do not service clients outside the United States. One-on-one nutrition coaching is usually the most effective and rapid method for achieving digestive health. It's ideal for people who are highly motivated to create an immediate change and who want a dedicated, highly-personalized approach to digestive care

All of my one-on-one work with clients starts with a free, 15 minute discovery session. This helps ensure that you are 100% comfortable with my coaching style and approach before you commit to spending money, and it helps me ensure that the symptoms you'd like to address fall within my scope of practice. From there, we can proceed one of two ways:

  1. À la carte Pricing: $155 for 75 minutes initial intake session, $110 for 45 minute follow-ups

  2. Package Pricing: One-on-one packages enable you to purchase a series of sessions at once for a discounted price. At this time, I have three standard packages available (or I may be able to offer a custom package tailored to your needs).

One Month Package


This base package is for you if any of these apply:

  • You are fairly self directed and motivated, needing only minimal guidance and support.

  • You have started an elimination diet such as FODMAPs, or the reintroduction phase and have gotten stuck.  

  • You are concerned about your nutritional status and would like the advice of a professional.  


  • One 75 minute intake session

  • One 45 minute follow-up

  • One month unlimited email support

Two Month Package


This program provides regular, ongoing support as you move through an elimination diet, such as FODMAPs. You will get all the tools and resources you need to successfully navigate the diet, and can expect to see a big improvement in your symptoms, to have a clear understanding of your dietary triggers, and to be ready to continue your journey in the reintroduction phase.


This program is for you if you experience any of the following:

  • Have severe, chronic digestive symptoms

  • You are newly diagnosed with IBS or IBD

  • You are interested in and have not yet started on FODMAPs or another elimination diet

  • You are ready and motivated to make some big changes in your lifestyle and your health!


  • One 75 minute intake session

  • Three 45 min follow-ups

  • Three months unlimited email support

Three Month Package


This supportive, high-touch package is designed to completely transform your health.  It is guided by your individual needs and health goals and is for people ready to embrace a total lifestyle change that may include diet, exercise and stress management. By the end of this program, you can expect to experience improved overall health, increased energy, reduced stress, and a well functioning digestive system. This program is for you if you:

  • Feel you need an accountability partner and someone who can keep you on track in the long term

  • Are desiring a longer term supportive partnership with a health coach who will be there every step of the way for you

  • Are open to exploring functional testing and receiving individualized supplement recommendations


  • One 75 minute intake session

  • Five 45 minute follow-ups

  • Six months unlimited email support