Live Online Class

Feeling stuck on the FODMAP Elimination Phase?

Scared to dip your toe back into high FODMAP Foods?

Anxious about your IBS symptoms flaring up again?

Want guidance navigating the Reintroduction Phase?

You don't have to do this alone.

Let my 90 Minute Live, Online Course

Demystify FODMAP Reintroduction!

  • A dozen printable FODMAP guides and handouts, including:

    • Updated Low and High FODMAP Lists​

    • Recipe Substitution / Modification Guide

    • Safe Alcohol List

    • Grocery Shopping Reference Cards

    • Quick Low FODMAP Meal Ideas

    • Label Reading Guide, and more!

  • Downloadable Recordings of each call​

  • Plus, a coupon for $25 off Kate’s one-on-one coaching!

  • Drastically decrease or eliminate embarrassing and painful symptoms

  • Learn your triggers so you can take charge of your digestive health

  • Learn to safely reintroduce foods back into your diet so you can enjoy more variety (eat more than the same 3 foods again and again!).

Bottom Line:

  • Improve your self confidence and body image (because you can actually button your pants at the end of the day!)

  • Enjoy a robust social life again without fear of pain, unpredictable urgency or diarrhea disrupting your life.

  • And most importantly, live the vibrant, healthy, full life you are meant to live!


~ What To Expect ~

  • Six weeks of live, weekly group calls with Kate Watson RD, a Registered Dietitian trained in the low FODMAP diet, and who lives the diet herself

  • Education and guidance through the elimination phase and a jump-start on FODMAP reintroduction

  • Group support from people going through exactly the same thing as you!

  • Participate from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

  • Access to the program's private Facebook group

  • Calls from 6:30pm - 7:30pm Pacific time, Monday nights, Jan 15 - Feb 19, 2018

  • Don't worry if you can't make all the calls! Downloadable recordings will be available.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to start on the low FODMAP diet but is confused or overwhelmed about how to implement it

  • People who may have tried it in the past, but want a fresh start

  • Those seeking group support with others on the diet

  • Anyone looking for a budget-friendly option

Who is it not for?

  • Those seeking highly individualized, one-on-one coaching (please contact me for one-on-one support)

  • Those who have not received a diagnosis of IBS or IBD

  • Those who have an active eating disorder

  • Anyone who is severely underweight or has experienced recent unplanned, severe weight loss

  • Those who are not comfortable interacting in a group environment (on live calls and social media)

  • Those without high speed internet access

Week-by-Week Program Contents

Week 1

  • Introduction to FODMAPs; what are they and why are they trying to kill me

  • What can I actually eat on this diet? (not necessary to eat cardboard!)

  • Navigating the Monash low FODMAP app

  • Guided walk-through of the IBS symptom scorecard

  • Delicious meal and snack ideas

Week 2

  • Feeding your family while you are low FODMAP (no they should not all be put on this diet with you)

  • Label reading: how to identify sneaky FODMAPs in pre-made foods.  Some of these may surprise you!

  • Learn how to modify your favorite recipes so they are low FODMAP (I'll walk you through how I modify mine!)

Week 3

  • Navigating low FODMAP at a restaurant (yes you can go out to eat on this diet!)

  • Safe low FODMAP alcoholic beverages (and yes you can have a drink on this diet too!)

  • What to do if you are still having significant symptoms despite following the diet closely

Week 4

  • Flare ups happen, how to recover quickly

  • Dealing with food fears and stress related to eating

  • The interplay between stress and digestion - techniques for stress reduction

Week 5

  • Mindful eating for good digestion and a healthy weight

  • Falling off the wagon and coping with self sabotage- it happens to the best of us

Week 6

  • Next steps: Are you ready for the reintroduction phase?

  • How to correctly reintroduce FODMAPs so you can enjoy a varied, nutritious diet

  • Follow up on IBS symptom scorecard- a self-objective look at how much you've improved since day 1!


Class Time: Mon, Aug 22

Registration Deadline:
Thur, Aug 19

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