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If you're like me before I went through low FODMAP reintroduction, you've waited longer to reintroduce than you know you should... Because you feel so much better on elimination and you don't want to feel bad again. I admit it. I did the same thing. I understand.

But you might be missing out on some important things life has to offer.

  • You're feeling isolated because you're avoiding eating out with your friends. 

  • You're feeling embarrassed constantly asking friends, family, and restaurants to modify dishes.

  • You're probably missing some of your all time favorite foods.

  • You're sick and tired of cooking the same five dishes, over and over.

  • You're scared to take that big trip.

I've been there. But please don't let life pass you by.

What if life could be more normal?

What if you could eat more pre-packaged foods?

What if you could order more off the menu?

What if you could eat your favorite foods again?

Let me help you reintroduce.

My 75 Minute Live, Online Course will

Demystify FODMAP Reintroduction

  • 75 Minute Live Online Class on how to properly execute the FODMAP Reintroduction Phase (recorded, if you can't make it live!)​

  • Learn your triggers so you can take charge of your digestive health

  • Learn to safely reintroduce foods back into your diet so you can enjoy more variety (eat more than the same 3 foods again and again!).

  • A Printable Reintroduction guide, including:

    • A list of all FODMAP categories with multiple foods to choose from each category

    • Meal and snack ideas on how to incorporate the test foods into your daily routine

    • Symptom Tracker

  • Live question and answer session

  • Downloadable Recording of the call​

  • Plus20% off Kate’s one-on-one coaching!

Bottom Line:

  • More ease and relaxation (because you can order more off the restaurant menu!)

  • Enjoy a robust social life again with more options to eat what everyone else is eating!

  • And most importantly, live the vibrant, healthy, full life you are meant to live!


~ What To Expect ~

  • A 75 Minute Live Group Call with Kate Watson RD, a Monash Trained Registered Dietitian trained in the low FODMAP diet, and who lives the diet herself

  • Step-by-Step Education and guidance on Navigating the FODMAP Reintroduction phase

  • Participate from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

  • Live question and answer session

  • Access to the recording anytime you need to brush up

  • Call is from 6:00pm - 7:15pm Pacific time, Tue Aug 27, 2019

  • Don't worry if you can't make the call! Downloadable recording will be available.

Class Time: 6 pm Pacific
Tue, Aug 27

      $49 Early Bird Registration

Discounted Until Aug 13


Early Bird Deadline:
Tue, Aug 13