Sure, you can find an outdated list about FODMAPs online and waste hours of your time researching the diet and getting overwhelmed by conflicting information. But I’ve see this time and again. People attempt this diet on their own, they find wrong or outdated information online, they attribute their symptoms to the wrong food so they limit their diets more than necessary, they don’t feel better, they get frustrated and overwhelmed and give up after a week.  Often this is because they’re not following the diet correctly and/or they have other digestive triggers besides food that also need to be addressed.

I know exactly how you feel because I was there myself a few years ago. (Yes I am a dietitian, but I never learned about FODMAPS in college. I had to do my own research on the diet and get training from other professionals.) Before finding the low FODMAP diet, there were so many times when I cried in grocery stores, I turned down social invitations, I felt afraid and confused about what to eat (especially shame-inducing as a dietitian). I cried because I felt left out and it felt like life wasn’t fair and it all just sucked. It seemed like I’d tried every solution out there; probiotics, digestive enzymes, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, high fiber, low fiber. I was so confused and frustrated.  And in a last ditch, desperate attempt to improve the digestive symptoms that had plagued me for decades, I decided to try this weirdly named and seemingly complicated and restrictive diet.

Meeting my 1 year post-open heart surgery
hiking goal!

Everything changed after 3 days on the low FODMAP diet—I felt so much better than I had in years, the way I thought “normal” people must feel. Gone was the painful, excessive gas, the bloating was decreasing and I discovered that I still had a stomach hidden under all that air. The frequency, urgency and diarrhea that I’d experienced for so many years was significantly improved. I wanted to run outside and shout from the rooftops to tell the millions of people in world who were suffering from IBS that there was another way, that they didn't have to suffer anymore! I started to specialize in this diet in my private practice because I feel so rewarded and blessed watching it transform the lives of my clients. I even started the first low FODMAP food business in the US because I wanted to make this diet as easy to follow as possible. It is true that the low FODMAP diet is complicated, ever-changing, and overwhelming to understand. That is why I am here, to make this as easy as possible, to teach you how to implement it, to give you all of the best resources I have so you can follow it as painlessly as possible.

Haven't you spent enough time and money on countless doctors, specialists, tests, supplements, and medications? Why not give yourself the gift of better digestive health—your life is waiting!

Here are some of the results you may achieve by working with me:


  • Understand your triggers so you can take charge of your digestive health and decrease or eliminate symptoms.

  • Leave behind that sense of isolation by being able to participate in social events again.

  • Eliminate confusion and stress when ordering from a restaurant, and feel empowered to make great food choices.

  • Improved self confidence and body image because you can actually button your pants at the end of the day!

  • In many cases reduce or eliminate your IBS medications.

  • Move towards a healthier weight.

  • Safely reintroduce foods so that you can enjoy a variety in your diet (and eat more than the same 3 foods again and again).

  • Enjoy an active social life again without fear of unpredictable urgency or diarrhea disrupting your life.

  • And most importantly, live the vibrant, health, full life you are meant to live!

You deserve nothing less.