FODMAP Free Foods - Eat as Much as You Want!

Many people new to the Low FODMAP Diet don't realize that FODMAPs are portion sensitive. This means it's not just whether a food contains FODMAPs, it's how much that food contains, and how many servings of that food you eat. The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet App is a useful and important tool to help you follow the Low FODMAP diet, as it gives an appropriate serving size for each food. But it can be inconvenient to have to click into each food to check this serving size. Then you also need to be mindful about "stacking", which means having too many foods from the same category of FODMAPs at one time.

Fortunately, the app now includes notes on some foods that have“no detectable” or “trace” levels of FODMAPs, meaning you can enjoy these foods in any portion without worrying about the FODMAP content. To make it easier to find these FODMAP free foods in one place, I compiled this downloadable list for you!

Please note that regarding fruit, it is recommended to limit it to 1 serving per meal during the elimination phase, leaving 2-3 hours between each serving.

Fresh Vegetables


Bamboo Shoots

Bean Sprouts



Choy Sum

Collard Greens


Endive leaves


Ginger Root


Lettuce, Butter

Lettuce, Iceberg

Lettuce, Red Coral

Lettuce, Rocket


Potato, unpeeled

Pumpkin, Japanese


Red Pepper (note contains capsaicin which can trigger symptoms for someone with IBS or heartburn)

Spring Onion and Scallion, Green Parts Only


Squash, Pattypan

Swiss Chard

Tomato, Common

Canned Vegetables

Bamboo shoots, canned

Callaloo, tinned in brine

Olives, black, pitted

Olives, green, pitted

Seaweed, nori


Banana, sugar (firm)



Grapes; black muscatel, red, ralli seedless, thompson

Guava, ripe

Mandarin, imperial

Orange, navel

Paw Paw

Prickly Pear

Plaintain, peeled




Note that meats and oils are also free from FODMAPs (provided they don't have high FODMAP ingredients added).

Important: this list has been updated as of 8/13/18. Please check the Monash app for updates, as the information on the app changes often and without notice!

Click here for a downloadable, printable list of these FODMAP free foods!