Low FODMAP "Shamrock Shake"

As a child, St Patrick's Day was a holiday I looked forward to for two reasons: 1) Parade Day in my hometown and 2) getting a McDonald's Shamrock Shake. Though I am much older now and live far from home, come every March, I still find myself thinking about those dang Shamrock Shakes.

The reason a legit McDonald's Shamrock Shake would not be considered low FODMAP is that it contains regular ice cream so it's high in lactose and it also contains high fructose corn syrup in the shake syrup, which is high FODMAP. It's not really worth the intestinal pain it would cause me to drink it, so I felt it would be much better to make my own low FODMAP version. Please beware, I'm not claiming this recipe is healthy, simply that it is low FODMAP! It still contains plenty of sugar. I think treats are an a-ok part of any diet as long as it's a small part of an otherwise healthy, balanced diet.

I used Breyers lactose free vanilla ice cream and whole lactaid milk for my recipe. I find that Breyers tends to be on the meltier, thinner side so I didn't use much milk because I wanted a thicker shake. Because of using little milk, my blender didn't entirely blend it, so I started out with the blender to get it going, and then mixed it up a little with a spoon to incorporate all the milk and keep it thick. You can certainly add more milk if you like it thinner.

I couldn't bear to use pre-made whipped cream because Cool Whip contains high fructose corn syrup, and an alternative I found had so many ingredients that it made my head spin, so I made it myself using just heavy whipping cream and a little sugar. Heavy whipping cream contains 0 grams of lactose per tablespoon, so it's safe to use on this diet in small amounts.

Obviously this recipe will not work if you are dairy free. I have not yet been able to experiment with non-dairy milks and ice cream to know if the same results will be achieved! If you try a non-dairy version, please let me know in the comments!

Homemade whipped cream

2-3 TBSP whipping cream

1 teaspoon sugar (depending on sweetening preference)

Whisk in metal bowl with electric beaters until stiff peaks are formed, the consistency of whipped cream. Add a dollop to the top of your shake.

Makes 2 small servings

Shamrock Shake Recipe

1 cup lactose free vanilla ice cream

1/4 cup lactose free milk (use more if you like a thinner shake)

3 drops green food coloring

1/8 teaspoon mint

Makes 1 serving

Blend in blender until all ingredients are incorporated. Use a spoon if needed to finish stirring in milk. Enjoy and happy Saint Patrick's Day!