Low FODMAP Halloween!

So hard to believe that fall is here and Halloween is nearly upon us! Summer comes and goes too quickly for my taste, especially in the Pacific Northwest, where it feels like we only have two seasons: Rainy, which lasts an eternity, and Not Rainy, which is the three months of summer, if we're lucky. But it's the most beautiful place in the world when it's sunny, so that helps make up for it.

Many of you have children, like to host Halloween parties, or love to give out treats to the neighbor kids--which is all to say there's probably going to be Halloween candy around many of your households in the coming weeks. Unless you have amazing self control, you know your hand is going to be in that candy bowl a few times, and some of that candy will end up in your mouth! Though I don't encourage or recommend eating sugary and processed foods, I know that we all indulge a little sometimes. And if you're going to eat it anyway, you may as well buy low FODMAP candy because the kids will never know the difference and you won't end up with agonizing GI issues. I will caution though to take the example of kids who eat too much candy and end up with a stomachache, as the same can certainly be true for adults, especially those with IBS. So be mindful of how much you eat, and don't overdo it. Limit candy to less than 40 grams of sugar or so.

As an aside, in the town where I grew up in Pennsylvania, kids were required to do something when they came to the door to get their candy--whether it was sing a song, do a short skit, or tell a joke. When we were kids, my sister and I dressed up as witches one year and ended up in a fist fight in some neighbor's house about what song we wanted to sing. That must have been hilarious to witness, though it was mortifying for my parents. So when I first moved to Washington state as an adult and answered the door at Halloween, I asked the kids repeatedly "What do you do?" And all the kids just stared at me blankly. I quickly learned that this practice is not done elsewhere!

Ok back to the point of this post. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but here are some common ingredients found in Low FODMAP candies:

Brown Rice Syrup

Cane Sugar

Cane Syrup

Confectioner's Sugar

Corn Syrup


Honey (if towards end of ingredient label and limit to 1 or 2 pieces)

Invert Sugar


Maple Syrup

Molasses (if towards end of ingredient label and limit to 1 or 2 pieces)

Natural and artificial flavors are typically ok in small amounts


Palm Sugar

Soy Lecithin


And some common High FODMAP ingredients on candy labels to avoid:


Concentrated fruit juices like apple and pear

Chicory Root


High Fructose Corn Syrup








Finally, below are some popular Halloween candies that appear to be low FODMAP. Remember one can never be sure about FODMAP content of foods unless they are tested so we can only make our best guesses. Always pay attention to how your body feels. And as I often say, be sure to check over food labels yourselves, as manufacturers change ingredients sometimes without warning!

Dum Dums Lollipops

Haribo Gummy GoldBears

Junior Mints

Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups- (Thank Goodness!)

Lifesavers Pep O Mint and Wint O Green

Necco Wafers





Sour Patch Kids

Swedish Fish

Sweet Tarts

Do you have a favorite low FODMAP Halloween treat? Please share in the comments. Hope this post is useful and have a safe and fun Halloween!